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War Areas

The table shown below contains the countries and areas listed as current exclusions by the Joint War Committee in London. Owners with vessels that intend to call those particular areas should contact their Underwriters and/or Brokers to establish whether an Additional Premium is applicable. The list of Excluded Areas is reviewed on a regular basis by the Joint War Committee and is subject to ad hoc amendments based on the political circumstances prevailing. As per Market Practice, Additional Premiums are quoted on 48/7 basis, meaning that the quotation stands for a maximum of 48 hours prior vessel’s entrance to the Excluded Area and is usually charged for a minimum of 7 days with longer periods to be agreed either on lump sum and/or pro rata basis.


We can provide Owners with quotations on any forthcoming breach of War Areas, tailor-made under a War Cover that can facilitate longer periods than 7 days on lump sum basis, incorporating No Claim Bonuses and other beneficial terms on an ad-hoc and/or annual basis.




Eritrea, but only South of 15º N

Gulf of Guinea, but only the waters of the Togolese, Beninese and Nigerian Exclusive Economic Zones north of Latitude 3° N







Indian Ocean / Arabian Sea / Gulf of Aden / Gulf of Oman / Southern Red

The waters enclosed by the following boundaries:

  1. a) On the north-west, by the Red Sea, south of Latitude 15° N
  2. b) on the west of the Gulf of Oman by Longitude 58° E
  3. c) on the east, Longitude 65° E
  4. d) and on the south, Latitude 12° S

excepting coastal waters of adjoining territories up to 12 nautical miles offshore unless otherwise provided.






Middle East


Iraq, including all Iraqi offshore oil terminals



Saudi Arabia excluding transit





South America

Venezuela, including all offshore installations in the Venezuelan EEZ